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Hi, I’m Olivier and I’m a

Street photographer / Designer / Entrepreneur

Olivier Duong

One day when I was a kid, I went in my parent’s room. Because I was naturally curious my eyes went directly to DVD my dad brought home to watch. I don’t remember the name of the movie, I don’t remember any actor, and I have never seen the movie. However, I flipped to the DVD case and read something along the lines of “[the main character] sought adventure because he realized he did not want to die without having lived”. These words affected me more than I can count. 

I’m all about creativity, marketing & travel. I travel the world, raising my kids, building business & makin’ pictures along the way.

Whether you want to read my books, take my courses, buy a print or hire me for images or marketing, scroll below and check out what I’ve done with my life…



I am Haitian-French-Vietnamese, I was born and raised in Jacmel, Haiti.



📷 Street Photography📷 Professional photography
💻 Graphic Design
💻 Web design
📈 Online marketing
📈 Sales page design📈 Email copywriting


Fluent in: Haitian Creole, French, English

Basic in: Spanish, Korean

Learning Japanese


Nomad with 2 kids. Currently in: Vietnam


Interested in Photography?

Interested in Design?

Interested in Marketing?

Courses I teach…

Street Photography Secrets

A unique course that reveals how to use the subconscious mind in order to become a stellar street photographer in record time. Only available on the Inspired Eye site.

Photo Basics

A basic course that teaches the ropes of using your camera in a step-by-step, easy to understand manner. Only available on the Inspired Eye site.

One Word Composition

A composition trick that transforms your street photography. All you need to use it is to remember one word. Free with a subscription to Inspired Eye

In the Streets Japan

A live workshop where you are IN the camera, seeing how to compose images on the fly, and how to deal with tricky situations. Also includes a candid look at culling and editing your images. Only available on the Inspired Eye site.

Street Photography Blitz Editing

Reveals my system and shows how to process your street photography in 30 seconds or less. Only available on the Inspired Eye site.

Renaissance Photography Secrets

Looking at renaissance paintings, I reveal the many secrets street photographers can use to make their own outsanding images. Only available on the Inspired Eye site.

Books I’ve written…

Blitz Street Photography

A compilation of 30 street photography that work instantly or very quickly. Perfect for beginners to start making outstanding images right away.

The Productivity Switch

The ultimate productivity trick that compels you towards action on demand. Whatever you have been procrastinating on can be done with a flick of the switch you have in your mind.

TEFL Jobs in a week

The tips and tricks you need to find TEFL jobs in a week. Includes templates to make recruiters lust after you and the exact words to say to impress interviewers.

You already know Japanese

Studying Japanese? It can be hard. But good news, you already know 1063 loan words, the English words that Japanese use in everyday life. Instant vocabulary.

Coming Soon…

Streetwise Volume One

Collection of essays about street photography written over a period of 10 years. First volume

Streetwise Volume Two

Collection of essays about street photography written over a period of 10 years. Second volume

Streetwise Volume Three

Collection of essays about street photography written over a period of 10 years. Third volume

Streetwise Volume Four

Collection of essays about street photography written over a period of 10 years. Fourth volume

Interviews & Features

Latest images…


From what I see of your photography you are a master of composition and mood, of catching moments and meaning.

– David Lee


I love all of your photographs. They are absolutely beautiful and Inspiring.

– Luke Foster


[Olivier] is just refreshingly different. His images show that too.

Must be his cultural background/genes/heritage whatever but is totally unique.

– Lin Zee


Olivier is brilliant and his mind is amazing!

His marketing plan is not something I could have thought on my own. It is relevant to what I am doing, effective, simple to implement, and smart.

– Kyle ALexander

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