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About Kyle

Kyle is the man known for revealing the “secret” hidden in plain sight: Google’s algorithm is an algorithm (in other words, math!).

He is famous for ranking number one on Google with a handful of target keywords and pure gibberish text. Google then punished him for exposing their algorithm by de-indexing 20 of his sites.

Kyle has spent 2 years running 400 SEO tests, this became the backbone of the popular SEO tool, Page Optimizer Pro and is implemented on his client sites.

He shares his techniques in IMG, a sort of Netflix for SEOs with a community aspect.


Can I help you?

Do you need help with your SEO? I can help in 3 ways,

Either in a done-for-you manner trough my SEO Agency, with my on-page SEO tool

or trough SEO training. Here’s a bit about all 3:

Award winning SEO Agency

HV SEO is my agency with Done-for-you ranking services. Clients include Godaddy, Freshbooks and more. We will rank your website based on a scientific SEO approach.

Popular On-page SEO tool

POP is my 8000+ member strong SEO Tool, simply put your page and the term you want to rank for and it will automatically make needed suggestions to take the top spot.

Like Netflix ™ for SEOs

This is my SEO learning platform with unlimited access to traffic and income generating courses. Includes my own, 30 from other SEOs and weekly calls with me or my friend Ted Kubaitis.

Courses & Training

Kyle shares his know-how in 3 courses that are exclusive to IMG courses, the Netflix for SEOs. Weekly calls with him or Ted Kubaitis also included with your membership. A bit more about the courses…

Optimize your way to the top

Kyle took the two years he spent running 400 SEO tests and turned it into a simple, step by step blueprint that ranks with the strength of on-page optimization.

This is the exact same process he used to rank number 1 with gibberish text.

Rock Solid basics for beginners

Everything starts with the right foundations. Get your first steps in SEO with this clearly explained, simple introduction to SEO science.

Even if you are brand new at SEO, this course will make everything crystal clear.

Rank without shenanigans

In this course Kyle reveals the safest way to rank on Google without even resorting to link-building.

This is a content-first and content-only approach that works with the blessings of Google’s guidelines.

You can watch all 3 right now, exclusively on IMG, the Netflix for SEOs, click below:

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