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I travel, write, design & shoot pretty pictures…
And I help clients profit more with the same traffic

“This REALLY sucks”


A few years ago I used to live in Florida.

And to this day I still remember looking at the U-Haul truck leaving with all of my earthly possessions.


Destination? The in-laws


Oh you read that tight.

I had a wife with a one year old baby and my new castle would be a room at my in-laws. 

I remember saying to myself: This REALLY sucks. This making money online thing isn’t working at ALL…Where’s the dreams of living by the beach with nothing but my laptop?


I cursed all of those gurus that promised me the moon as I left my empty apartment.


As if things weren’t bad enough, we ended up having ANOTHER kid while we lived at the in-laws.

I started to work as a professional photographer and resolved to make the most out of the pitiful amount of traffic my site was getting by being good at conversions.


And that, I did. I went from living at my in-laws to becoming nomad with the kids and working with some of the biggest names in the SEO industry.


It’s been a hell of a ride.

Hi, my name is Olivier Duong

I am an Haitian-French-Vietnamese marketing strategist, photographer and graphic designer, welcome to my site!


That’s what they said

Turns out I had a knack for converting traffic.

Here’s a few testimonials from clients

Increased our revenue…

Olivier has done several pages for us.

Not only are his designs on point but they convert much higher than before.

He took one page to a 3x increase. Overall our conversion rates have increased as has our revenue.

Easy to work with and delivers on time. Highly recommend.

Kyle Roof

A marketing genius…

Working with Olivier literally saved my course and the 10 months of work I put into it before meeting him.

Before I met him, I had a course, an ugly Teachable sales page, and no idea what to do from there.

Due to his marketing ideas and design skills I’ve already made $1,000 and we JUST STARTED less than a week ago promoting my course with no list.

He not only showed me a few things I was doing wrong with the course, he recommended a series of upgrades and bonuses that I NEVER would have thought of on my own. Customers love them!

Then, he designed a kickass landing page.

I wrote the copy, but his critique took it from a 6 at best to 10/10 in my opinion.

He really is a marketing genius.

I’ve also learned a ton about marketing and copywriting that I thought I knew, but was totally wrong about.

My advice to you:


Kevin Meng

Much better conversions…

Olivier is a creative designer that knows his way around sales pages and funnels.

The new sales pages he developed are converting much better than the old ones.

Matt Diggity

His mind is amazing…


Olivier is brilliant and his mind is amazing!

His marketing plan is not something I could have thought on my own.

It is relevant to what I am doing, effective, simple to implement and smart


Kyle Alexander

Business breakthrough…

Thank you Olivier for showing a way.

Our SAAS software had a big problem in finding market to offer match.

I had worked with at least 4 marketing gurus for advice over the past year without any breakthrough.

I was feeling frustrated for working so hard but not getting a solution.

Luckily, I requested you for help and you showed me 2 paths to take.

That was a breakthrough after a year-long struggle for our company.

I look forward to your advice on a regular basis to help grow my business even faster.


Raj Pabna

3x Increase…

Firstly, working with Olivier was fun. He’s a fascinating guy with true passion for his craft bordering on the obsessive.

Secondly, his results speak for themselves. Olivier worked on a homepage makeover and on an email series to drive warm traffic.

The combination of the two so far has been a 3x increase in conversion rate.

The investment certainly paid off for us, many times over.

Andrew Stevens

40% more conversions…

I was referred to Olivier by a friend to help me on my greens supplement.

He thoroughly researched the niche and wrote a compelling sales page that has seen the conversion rate increase by 40%!

Olivier is the only person I have met that delves into the research to this level. He wants to understand everything about the subject first.

Adam Wright

Will move the needle…

Hey Olivier, I just reviewed your suggestions and it’s immediately obvious they’re gonna make a big impact. 

I’ve extracted a bunch of actionable steps from your video that I’m certain will encourage my visitors to hang around longer and convert. 

And plenty of new ideas to split test and keep me busy for a few months.  I should have gotten your help years ago!

Geoff Cudd

PROOF is in the Analytics

An analytics screenshot is worth more than a thousand words, here’s what I did for a client:

Aha! You say,

Looking at point A the conversions were already pretty high,

you actually didn’t do much, Olivier!

Fair point, let’s look at the timeline…

A: Instant wins

Client page was converting at about 0.6% originally. I changed the checkout page, conversions immediately went up to about 1%

B: New page went live

Once the client publish button, conversions went down the drain to the original conversion rate of 0.6%

C: Debug

Because of client’s basic server, made some quick changes to the page and removed 1.5mb off the page weight

D: Money cometh

Conversions are up! A 248.33% increase to the bottom line. Continuing improvements are being made

SORRY, Not taking in any clients

Need someone increase your conversions? I’d be your guy but I am not taking any clients.

Nothing personal, this is a lifestyle thing.

Yes, I’ve increased the conversions of every single client’s page, but I have also burned out every single time and just don’t want to do it anymore.

And no, this cannot be outsourced. I have had multiple lives as a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, copywriter, marketer and I am not about to go trough the hassle of hiring and managing 5 people to replace me.

Got two kids already and don’t need others to babysit.

Good news? I’ve revealed everything I know about conversions in a course

A framework that triples your sales, leads and clicks

If you want the system that I use that makes client pages convert, I reveal everything in “Conversion Blueprint”. It is everything I know on the subject and you get to see how I designed a behemoth of a page step-by-step.

This is ONLY available in IMG, it’s like Netflix for SEOs

And you get an insane deal by the way, because you not only get my conversion course, you also get 30+ others from the world’s top SEOs like Kyle Roof, Ted Kubaitis, Viola Eva and more.


Latest Photographs

Even after putting down my camera as a professional, I’m still a photographer.

Here’s the latest prints that are available to you:

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