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Psion 5 MX

I have searched for years for a replacement to my Psion and there is none. That weekly agenda is still the best I have ever used and I have keypresses for each of my projects with overview, next steps, etc.

Since this is non backlit it is the first device I use in the morning. You will need to get the Flexi cable version because this has a known flaw that will eventually break.

Planet Computers Gemini

This is a keyboard Android device by some Ex-Psion people and I have been using this ever since I backed it up.

I use it to write but it really comes alive when paired with the Phonebook. I also change the resolution to 700 because if not this is like a glorified large phone Android interface. I also have Linux on it.

Omiodo Phonebook

I love this thing so much. I use it in two ways. Either as a second screen for my USB C Laptop, or I use it to turn my Gemini into a full blown laptop.

This is a dream come true and is one less device to manage as it has no “guts”. It’s touchscreen and flips around too and I use it as my laptop.

With Kiwi browser I have tabbed browser interface AND all of the Chrome extensions that I need.


If there is a part of you that loves Trello but just can’t stand how limited it is, enter Infinity. It’s like Trello, Google sheets, Gantt all rolled in together.

It’s basically a free-form tool that allows you to create a database based on what you need. For example I have a sheet where I track all of the work on my affiliate sites. These have a tag and I can click on the calendar view and see exactly what was worked on what day.


If you are into anything marketing related you need Oviond. You probably need 5 clicks to check how many optins you had in a day and you have to click 3 more times to figure out sales. How about how many purchased an upsell?

Oviond is a custom marketing dashboard and it can do wonders with just Google analytics. Count new users to downloads page as a optin, etc. You can also create multiple dashboards for all of your websites so you always have a clear idea of what’s up with your sites.


One of the biggest issues designers have is file preview. Windows still doesn’t like to show .PSDs and .AI. This is like Adobe Bridge on steroids. It takes over a single folder in your computer so it creates a sort of organized pile for your poject files.

It’s beautiful, snappy and gives you exactly what you need, organization for your design files. If you deal with designs in some way, this is a must.

Nimbus notes

I’ve been on a quest for 10 years for the ultimate note-taking app. OneNote is too slow an convoluted. Evernote has featuritis and keeps changing, alienating users. I got so fed up I even tried keeping .md files on my computer.

Enter Nimbus notes, it’s fully featured with clippings, you can embed images and simple spreadsheets all without being convoluted. It’s the best note taking app I’ve found.


I’ve had a Razer Blade gaming laptop for manly one reason: Video editing. This basically made my Blade AND Camtasia redundant. Record the screen and there is no space on your drive used and you can edit everything from a browser window.

Rendering? What took an hour on a gaming laptop now takes 4 minutes and zero space on my drive

Tumi Nags

Let me be the first to say, I really don’t care about brands. I do care about great products and the Tumi bag is an excellent day bag. Because of the many pockets I can organize everything neatly in there.

There’s a nice area in the back for my Phonedock or Laptop and side pockets for money or my mouse. Stylish too!