5 Kyoto Photography Prints to consider

Kyoto Street I

There are two Japans, the modern and the old. The new is represented by Tokyo, full of inhabitants and cramped buildings as far as the eye can see.

The opposite is Kyoto, the former capital of Japan. This city often feels like stepping in a time machine with women dressed in Kimono.

But it is still a modern city with busses and cars, I saw a couple making a left in a certain street and quickly ran, hoping that the street I would see would be devoid of modern cues.

Out of breath I make the same turn as the couple did and saw the scene you see captured in accompanying the photograph. A slice of a long gone Japan that still exist if you ever can find these magical alleyways.

Kyoto Landscape

I would dare say that I am not a landscape photographer. However while walking on a bridge while in Kyoto I was struck by how the sky was waging war on the earth.

I photographed the scene you saw as soon as I saw the person on the road walking up the street with an umbrella. Isn’t that person a representation of all of us, stuck between heaven and earth?

Kyoto Detail I

Japanese architecture fascinates me. This particular building really struck me as I could see the dark, ominous cloud and the top triangle area almost glowing in defiance.

Japan is home to a proud tradition. I could feel it while looking up this building in Kyoto. And I have encapsulated that pride in the photograph you see.

Kyoto Street II

This woman was graciously walking down the streets in her dark kimono. It just rained and the road was reflective.

I carefully walked behind her, and made the photograph you see. Her gracious, classical and traditional beauty was a great contrast between the newer Kyoto.

You feel how much of an anachronism she is, representing a romantic Japan, walking her path in a world of cars and electrical wires.

Kyoto Detail II

When it comes to architecture there are two facets that have struck me about Kyoto. The shapes, represented in the photograph “Kyoto detail II” and also the texture, represented in this photograph.

There’s a beautiful symphony between the wood that is starting to show its age, the wall and the plant at the bottom.

There’s something about the textures of the houses that adorn Kyoto that is irresistible.