Street Photography

I am an avid street photographer and have written extensively on the project. Below you will find my best articles and resources on the subject.

I’ve been shooting for 10 years and started as a professional photographer shooting weddings and more. It’s been a wild ride and making personal images has been one of the best things I ever did with my camera. Speaking of, I actually got “lost” so to speak about a year into my journey as a photographer.

I ended up being a camera owner than photographer. I simply spent most of my time and money perusing ebay rather than spending it sharpening my eyes. While a camera is great and a new camera is thrilling the trick is not to start “optimizing” right away. The biggest challenge is to learn to shoot correctly first and then change cameras.

Street Photography

If you want to start street photography, the best article I’ve written is here. It answers many questions like what the definition is, goes into what makes good street photography and also 10 tips to get you started right away.

There’s lots of misconceptions about the craft and in this article I’ve summarized the essence of the craft in a simple manner that is perfect for beginners. You’ll want to pay special attention to the iceberg graphic you will see there because it has been a revelation to me once I had it figured out.

Fact is, street photography is way more than going in the streets and shooting randomly. It’s a careful art that is extremely rewarding once you get past the initial visual layer.

Cinematic street photography

This is an article you want to read if you would like to shoot images that look like movie stills. It’s a really fun genre to shoot. Check out the Cinematic street photography article.

Night street photography

Shooting at night poses a lot of technical challenge. Make sure your camera can handle low light images and head into the night street photography article.